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  • Written submissions should generally be 200-1000 words in length. Usually, we will only make light edits for grammar, spelling and clarity. We aim to publish articles within 24-hours of submission, though sometimes we may hold non-time sensitive pieces for the weekend. If you have an especially long-form article or multi-post submission, please mention it in your submission about how we can best present it.
  • The simplest way to contribute content written pieces is to email the text to us. Word document attachments are also welcome. Please try to include at least one picture (to which you own the rights) along with a caption.

ThreeSixty Gallery is our photography platform:

  • Photography pieces should include at least 12 high quality, non-watermarked JPG images on a single theme. Each should be landscape and 1040 pixels in width.
  • Ideally, these can be sent to us as a album, though email attachments, Dropbox,, Google Drive and other methods are fine.

Please note:

  • ThreeSixty has final discretion with regards to what is published on the site, as it is under our banner. Submissions must be entertaining and enjoyable – pieces may also be declined if there are quality concerns. Due to our very limited resources, we may turn down pieces that would require too much time in terms of editing.
  • Please pitch your idea to us before writing. With your first submission, please include a three sentence bio written in third person.
  • When your post is published, please be sure to share it among your networks and on social media! 



Send us a written submission:

Be part of the ThreeSixty Family, send us an idea of yours that you think would look awesome on this platform. The work that you submit will have your name written all over it. You will get paid every month based on the engagement rate that each of your articles get.

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